From Concept to Launch - A Beverage that Won 19 Awards in 2 Years

Clients like REBELS 0.0% who entrust us with creating products from A to Z really take advantage of all areas of our expertise.

- The challenge -

Vision to become the first non-alcoholic spirit in Switzerland

As alcohol consumption among Swiss people has been falling for years, the founders of Rebels 0.0% formed a a vision to be the first non-alcoholic spirit in Switzerland.

With background mainly in marketing, they asked for our guidance, to turn their concept into a reality and develop 6 recipes of non-alcoholic gin, aperitivo and rum beverages and execute full product implementation.


Project Manager Margaux Rob during the beverage development process. 

- Results- 


6 scalable beverage recipes



19 awards won


Lean production and supply chain setup

- The solution -

Custom development and production & supply chain setup

Starting with lean rapid prototyping, we used double distillation to achieve complex flavors. On top of that, we use a dealcoholisation process to reach 0.0% alcohol, which sets us apart from conventional “alcohol free” products that can contain up to 0.5% of alcohol.

We mapped producers and designed a production flow for the pilot production. We organised bottling, pasteurizing and labeling and thanks to our lean apprach we achieved cost reduction of around 40% between first and fifth batch. 

Rebels 0.0% worked with a hand-picked a project team that had over 40 years of experience in beverage development and implementation under their belt. The project manager Margaux Rob comments the project "As we strive for the most perfect imaginable product to be launched on the market from the first production, we embrace the challenges that come with it. With Rebels, we work as one strong team to be the most productive to bring the best possible products to life. From a beverage concept to the optimization of the production setup and costs, we always do our best for a quick implementation of ideas and targets. Juggling with different fragile balls: cost, time and quality, I act as an orchestra leader to the project. And every time, it is with the same satisfaction and excitement that I see Rebels 0.0% introducing new amazing product to their portfolio.

The CEO and co-founder of Rebels 0.0%, Christopher Tremp,  says: "As a young start-up, I am very grateful that I have met with Agilery early on as they helped us develop our alcohol-free spirits alternative from the idea to production. Great team with profound technical experience combined with a collaborative hands-on mentality!". 

Rebels 0.0% five beverage recipes won 19 awards within the two years of launching. Their 0.0% spirit alternatives now allow people to enjoy the "Dolce Vita" without the hangover, revolutionizing the Swiss spirits scene.

- Success factors -


Hands-on Approach

Rebels 0.0% put us in the driver's seat to execute practical product development and implementation, maintaining close synchronization.


Experimental mindset

The client was open to explore innovative custom solutions to get the full advantage of lean beverage innovation.


Joining project

early on

Our collaboration started from an idea and this gave us the opportunity to approach the project holistically as if it was our own brand.