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With 120+ innovation projects and counting Agilery reached mastery status across several food topics.

Agilery food manufacturing line

Our team members are all food scientists and engineers. Everyone has her specific field of expertise which is further developed with each innovation project and continuously honed through the intense interaction with our ecosystem, - academia, lead companies, specialist groups and more. With a gatekeeper-approach we make sure to be always at the pulse of cutting-edge food know-how and developments.

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Plant-based & Fermentation



As we move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, Agilery witnesses and further foresees a tremendous growth in the plant-based food market, which includes fermented foods. The interplay between composition of different fermented foods, the gut microbiome, and human health is a complicated but interesting one!

The beauty of fermentation lies in the fact that it dates to 1000s of years ago across different countries and traditions, and yet requires a very unique set up each time, depending on the type of fermentation you choose to do! Validation of meticulous standard procedures, selecting the right parameters for fermentation and ensuring aseptic conditions to avoid cross contamination –are some key pillars to ensure that you have a safe and well fermented product - unless you enjoy funky surprises from time to time 😃

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Whether you are developing the next innovative plant-based meat alternative, or an exciting, fermented beverage, Agilery can offer the following services:


  • Agilery has established a robust network of major players with fermentation infrastructure as well as fermentation expertise both in solid/surface state as well as submerged/liquid fermentation
  • Assistance in setting up your own fermentation facility from scratch: sourcing the right machinery, sourcing the right cultures, validating the protocol for your fermentation.
  • Setting up of quality and safety plan for your fermentation business - including standard operating procedures, respecting GMP and Aseptic techniques.
  • Do you want to target a particular health benefit? Our in-house nutrition experts can rightly guide the development of your product to accommodate the nutrient of focus and ensure its bioavailability.
  • In-house product development and culinary experts to ensure your fermented products taste good too!
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Novel Food & Ingredients


Novel foods are defined as a type of food that does not have a significant history of consumption or is produced by a method that has not previously been used for food. In the European Union, the definition is valid for all food that has not been consumed by humans before May 15th, 1997. Novel foods must be authorized before they can be placed on the EU market. They must be safe and must not mislead or be nutritionally disadvantageous for the consumer.

If you are currently thinking to place a novel food on the market and are struggling with the authorization process or if you are not sure if your product is considered as novel, we are here to help!

Additionally, we are in strong connection with leading experts of EFSA to ensure that your specific questions around novel food receive the highest and most professional attention. Together with our internal and external experts, we can help you to prepare your dossier and to guide you through the authorization process of your novel food.

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Further, our services include:


  • Review of the scientific data regarding your ingredient
  • Check if your ingredient is considered or already approved as novel food
  • Give advice which alternative ingredients can be used to pass the authorization process faster
  • Information about fast and efficient ways to have a novel ingredient in your product
  • Ingredient check of your recipe regarding novel food
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Agilery for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services

Claims Conformity & Regulations


Food legislation is a broad and extensive working area. This sector has recently seen a regulatory acceleration as a consequence of the enlargement of markets and national and legislative borders. The primary scope of food legislation is to protect consumer health, regulating the different food categories with a holistic approach (from farm to fork) through food safety regulation. Simultaneously regulations on food labelling and claims aim to provide rightful information.

Therefore, entering the market with a new product requires solid knowledge in the field of food safety, food labelling and fair consumer information.
The aim of Agilery, which works with a network of diverse clients and start-ups that are involved in the development of innovative products, is to guide them through a qualified regulatory advice in the food law context, for the formulation of products that comply with all the provisions of the legislation in force avoiding misleading information and with the main scope of protecting the final consumer.

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Agilery participate actively on the following aspects:


  • Provide a personalised checklist to structure the label of the product.
  • Label check (including claims) according to the current legislation and desired markets.
  • Direct qualified external contacts for additional label check support.
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Systematic Quality Assurance


A systematic quality assurance is a tool to assess hazards and establish control structure that focus on prevention to ensure the safety of food. This tool, such as HACCP system, is science based and systematic, identifies specific hazards linked to raw materials and product in order to measure and control them along the process. Moreover, the system flexibility shall enable their users to amend or change its setting in consideration of processing procedures or technological developments. The successful application of HACCP requires the full commitment and involvement of management and the work force.

The successful application of a quality assurance system requires involvement of all key stakeholders. Agilery aims is to guide in the identification, planning and monitoring of processes with multidisciplinary approach. Risk management and continuous improvement are the shared goals for the effective and efficient management of the system organisation

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In detail, Agilery offers its collaboration on the following points:


  • Define the product considering its characteristics (physical, chemical, microbial)
  • Set up the process flow according to the analysed hazards.
  • Define the prerequisites and control measures to manage the relevant risks linked to both product and process.
  • Structure a flexible system to enable the user to work efficiently and develop according to it.
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Agilery for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services

Logistics, Fulfilment & Customs



Every food product in a consumer’s shelf has gone through various transports. Whether it is the last mile delivery to the footstep of the consumers door, or the large transport in a container by ship, the new global reality has shown, that a resilient transporting system is a crucial part for today’s food sector. When it comes to sustainable contract manufacturing, setting up a reliable network of logistic partners is required. Furthermore, for any cross-border transport, reassuring to have the right paperwork in place for fast customs-clearance is another crucial step. If companies do not do the customs declarations correctly, the shipment is delayed and puts the supply chain of a food product under pressure. While custom clearance is not required for transports within the European Union, any shipment from or to a country outside of the EU, such as Switzerland, will be crossing a border for which such paperwork is needed.

With Agilery’s expertise and our profound ecosystem of many reliable warehousing & fulfilment partners, transport companies, custom brokers, VAT experts, and many more, we help you reaching a successful B2B or B2C business.

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If you are looking to set-up a food business or need support in your ongoing operations, Agilery is looking forward to support you with the following services:


  • Keeping the overview of this “logistic jungle” and make sure that all parties involved speak the same language as you.
  • Finding required logistic partners along the value chain: warehouse & fulfilment partner, transport companies, custom brokers.
  • Setting up an efficient custom clearance system.
  • Orchestrating your logistic partners in your day-to-day operations.
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Packaging Methods & Materials

Product packaging is critical to creating the first impression to the customer about your product. In addition, it plays an essential role in protecting and transporting your product, ensuring the integrity and shelf life of the contents. That is why Agilery strives to make your packaging methods and materials as effective and efficient as possible with our consultancy services. We have a global network of suppliers to support you and your business and make your supply chain smooth and efficient. On top of that, our packaging experts look for solutions beyond the obvious and, in the process, uncover hidden saving opportunities.

We assess our client’s needs and give them access to the world’s most innovative packaging products, which results in more efficient packing, less environmental impact, and lower costs. We’re passionate about packaging, so if you need help, our packaging consulting team has your back!

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Why choose us?


  • We offer a comprehensive range of services based on our extensive knowledge of packaging materials and methods.
  • We can help you find different packaging materials, arrangements, or designs to drive down costs and find new, more effective ways to package your products
  • We work with a hub of experienced and capable packaging specialists to ensure that we understand your needs and motivations and deliver on time and within budget.
  • We work to uncover key industry insights and find products with a competitive edge in their respective industries.
  • We foster innovation and development and can help reduce your environmental impact.
  • We are dedicated to fully satisfying our customers’ requirements and excel in making sure we meet your packaging innovation needs.
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Agilery for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services

Processing & Preservation Techniques



There are 3 main aspects which define a product:

  1. Food recipe (and raw materials included in it)
  2. Food processing
  3. Food preservation method

Food processing and preservation is a wide topic in which we can include many different methods and techniques, for some of them that have been used for centuries, and that make food suitable for consumption. Food processing is generally defined as the transformation of raw ingredients, by physical or chemical means, into food. Food preservation, also a common practice for ages, aims to reduce food spoilage, quality loss and edibility of food for longer time. It involves preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms from. It includes a wide variety of methods such as (but not exhaustive) drying, refrigeration, freezing, vacuum packing, bottling, etc.

The multidisciplinary background owned by Agilery members combined with many projects managed along our path allowed our team to gain an extensive and broad expertise both on processes characteristics and preservation techniques.

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In particular, Agilery is able to provide detailed guidance regarding the following product categories and its linked process/preservation methods:

  • No alcoholic drinks
  • Sauces
  • Snack bar
  • Plant based milk/drinks
  • Fermented products
  • and many more

Each product being different, do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialists to discuss the best methods and techniques that should apply to your ideal product’s idea! Besides our specialists on the technical part of the processes, we have a strong NPD team that can also guide you from your idea’s scratch!

Our knowledge is available to you through our on-demand consulting services



Tailored support according to your priorities, such as:


  • Condensed insights matching your most urgent requirements
  • Problem solving advise based on developed factbase
  • Industry snapshots and development trends
  • Technical, commercial, and social impact investigations


by effort at reasonable hourly rates


6-8 weeks


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Date-based snack balls and raw bars

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