Implement your product the lean way

One-stop service for new product implementations and outsourced supply chain management in Europe, across all food and beverage categories

What differentiates Agilery from traditional co-manufacturers?

Agilery orchestrates a network of manufacturers and suppliers, leveraging the most optimal supply setups at every project scale. Innovation and supply chain efficiency are core company pillars. We are a food industry contractor with digital DNA, offering the following major advantages to food brands:

New Food capabilities

We are experts in plant-based products, functional ingredients, low processing methods and new generation packaging materials.

Fast to market

Pragmatic setups with small and medium manufactures allow for quick market launches, iterative developments and early consumer feedback.

Cost optimisation

We optimise unit costs with volume scale-ups. Our cost advantage is mainly based on direct material sourcing, which is decoupled from processing negotiations.

Smaller investments

High upfront project investments are often a red flag for innovation projects. Agilery avoids that by following a lean approach and focusing on industry standards.

Our offering

Contact us to schedule a meeting or video call to talk about your specific project requirements. Here are our most commonly booked packages:

Looking for the right co-manufacturer - and struggling to do so - is often the starting point of launching a food business or entering a new market. It is also one of the most important, and finding the best conditions can determine the success of your product!

That's where Agilery's expertise comes in. We do more than just finding the best manufacturers and suppliers: we evaluate them, check that they meet your expectations and create a trigger-ready manufacturing setup for your new product launch.

Typical duration: 2-3 months

The job is not over after identifying the right manufacturers and suppliers. Adapting a kitchen-scale recipe or prototype to (semi-)industrial production lines requires close control.

Agilery handles the production of your first batch, handling the complexity of order deliveries, lead times, quality controls and execution of the production to ensure a smooth launch. All that in a fully transparent manner. 

Typical duration: 2-3 months

Agilery takes responsibility for the turnkey-implementation of your product, starting from your recipe/prototype and delivering the first sales-ready batches, including all formal product documentations.

Do you need support in developing a product idea, using your ingredients or processing techniques in a showcase product or test a new concept anonymously? We will make it work.

Typical duration: 4-6 months

Outsource your operations and supply chain management: Agilery administrates and manages your suppliers and manufacturer(s) through central contracting. We create full supply chain transparency and leverage cost optimisation potential with volume scale-ups, generating cost savings!

What our customers

say about us

Our expertise

Food safety and regulatory requirements are the basics. There are no shortcuts here, even for lean implementation! Agilery creates HACCP procedures encompassing the complete supply network and assigns independent labs for analytics to ensure highest quality standards.

Early consumer validation

Iterative developments and explorative prototyping; organisation of lead consumer feedback

IP protection

Maximised contractual protection. All network partners sign non-disclosure agreements and contracts with penalty clauses. Very high internal confidentiality standards!

Digitally enabled efficiency

The food sector is characterised by many write-offs and waste. Agilery improves efficiency by taking ownership across the entire supply chain, managing stocks, materials flows and production processes with digital tools and new generation project management.

Supply chain transparency

Agilery’s approach to manage material supply and processing as directly as possible across the food value chain allows for maximum supply chain transparency.

Customer reporting

The product/brand owner (you) is always in the driver’s seat! Agilery keeps your back free by managing and continuously optimising your supply network. At the same time you are provided with regular updates and are well equipped to take decisions.


Above all the food expertise, our burned-in entrepreneurial attitude is your most important asset. Our project teams identify themselves fully with your endeavour and will always act as if they would be co-owners of it.

Agilery Reference Projects


Alcohol Free Spirits - full implementation

The first Swiss-made alcohol-free spirits range with double-distilled botanicals and 0.0% of alcohol. Agilery managed to turn the product vision into reality: starting from the idea, we organised the product development with fast prototyping sessions and built a tailor-made supply- and manufacturing setup.


Organic Vegan Sauces - continuous optimisation

Agilery manages the Europe-based supply chain of this rapidly growing brand. Hlthpunk is located in the United States, where first sales started. Agilery supports the geographical expansion to Europe and other regions by handling logistics, ensuring smooth operations and continuously leveraging the potential to optimise quality and costs with volume growth.

International Cereals Producer

Innovative Granola - outsourced quotation

Agilery mapped in less than 2 months all co-manufacturers that had the relevant equipment and expertise to produce an innovative granola in Europe and beyond.

Based on this assessment Agilery was able to suggest the best suited supply networks along with product unit costs, decoupled into production-, ingredients- and packaging costs.


Sparkling Craft Drinks - full implementation

Agilery supported the launch of this innovative premium Swiss-made craft drinks, based on steamed juices and infused botanicals. Starting from a prototype, the product vision was implemented within 6 months despite specific and dedicated processing technologies. This tailored production setup is now continuously managed and optimised by Agilery.