Revamped Beverage Recipe and Processing Resulted in 10% Cost Savings

Early-stage food or beverage brands have to work extra hard to reduce costs. Our team at Agilery helped Zenzerello to do just that.

- The challenge -

The Freshiest Ginger Liqueur in Switzerland

In the heart of Switzerland, they set out to create the freshest ginger liqueur in the country. Zenzerello teamed up with us for cost-effective recipe optimization and simplified production process, while maintaining great sensory experience.


zenzerello case

- Results- 


Identified low MOQ suppliers



Cost reduction ca 10%  per liter (even with low MOQ)


Suppoted transition to organic production

- The solution -

This is how we reached 10% cut in unit costs while transisioning to organic production

We started with co-man mapping, assessing 49 organic ginger suppliers, hand-picking those offering top-notch quality. Using criteria such as responsiveness and alignment with project requirements, we pre-selected 14 suppliers for sample submissions. After a thorough tasting, each juice underwent rigorous evaluation to meet our desired sensory profile. Of those 3 were sent to the client for the final supplier election.

We identified opportunities that simplified production processes, i.e less work has been done at the co-man's facility and that as a result brought a nice decrease in production costs. Supplier evaluation was crucial to match the desired flavor profile, with negotiations on MOQs and costs for optimal efficiency. Zenzerello chose suppliers who shared their commitment to excellence. In every sip of the ginger liqueur, experience a true masterpiece of Swiss craftsmanship.

All our efforts combined have translated in 10% cut in unit costs for each liter of organic ginger liqueur produced.

Our star NPD and Project Manager Magali Ozil says, "I enjoy supporting entrepreneurs and small companies in their early journey. Helping Zenzerello in lowering their production costs for more profitability was both a great success and a rewarding experience, foreseeing greater growth opportunities for them ahead."

At the end of our project, Zenzerello's CEO Sebastian Lavoyer commented: "As a result of our collaboration with Agilery, we could both make production more efficient and thanks to agilery's exceptional database made sure that we work with the best possible suppliers. In addition to optimised recipes, we could also start the transition to organic production.”

- Success factors -


Involvement from the beginning

Being present at the project's inception allowed us to identify potential areas for optimization that may not be apparent when brought in later, fostering a more integrated and effective approach to the project.


Execution via Teams

Our client opted for an online guidance, an efficient way to cost-effectively leverage our expertise to the fullest extent.


Project ownership

Our client had full reliance on our guidance and recommendations which sped up the overall project.