Securing a Logistics Solution for Fresh Puree Products in Just 4 Weeks

British brand Nulicious, committed to nurture healthy eating habits with organic baby purees, entrusted us to deliver their products to little ones, within just four weeks.

- The challenge -

Nulicious' Journey to Delivering Fresh, Organic Baby Purees Online

Nulicious was born from mission to assist parents in providing their children with the healthiest start in life, nurturing the roots of healthy eating habits. Their organic, cold-pressed baby purees are a testament to their commitment to freshness and quality.

Ensuring prompt delivery of freshly prepared baby puree available online is not the easiest task, so they turned to Agilery for hands-on support.

The project involved High-Pressure Processing (HPP) treatment of products, extending their shelf life to 2-3 months. During the shelf life period the product had to be imported to UK, shipped to the customer while maintaining refrigeration throughout. Notably, the added complexity of managing an organic-certified logistic center made this project both challenging and rewarding.

- During the 4 weeks we helped with: - 


Fulfillment center assessment



Developed a logistic solution 


Organised last mile delivery to customer

- The solution -

Agilery's Selection Process of Fulfillment Centers

Our team at Agilery had to make sure that this exceptional product reaches babies with the care they deserved. We assessed fulfillment centers based on a set range of criteria, prioritised by the product manager at Nulicious.

What can be criteria for a fulfillment center? For the baby food brand it was:

  • based in UK
  • certified for handling organic products
  • chilled storage
  • packaging capabilities
  • last mile delivery service

We initiated a search for fulfillment centers within our network, subsequently expanding our exploration to include new logistic centers. Through our structured process, we identified a total of 54 potential partners that aligned with the client's criteria. To narrow down the options, we conducted thorough due diligence, ultimately presenting the top eight most relevant choices to the client for their final decision-making.

In just 4 weeks we had the selection ready for client to make their top pick; and the purees were ready to be delivered our little ones.

As their Chief of Product Development, Danae Stafyla, comments, “Agilery played a pivotal role in Nulicious's journey to bring organic cold-pressed baby food directly to homes. [...] Their support and expertise were instrumental in making our direct-to-consumer initiative a big success.

- Success factors -



At the beginning of our project we received a list of requirements for fulfilment center assessment. 



Our client was able to provide priority requirements that sped up our and their decision making in partner selection. 


Starting early on

Our collaboration started from an idea and this gave us the opportunity to approach the project holistically as if it was our own brand.